MEGAN6 Download Page

This is the official download site for the most recent version of MEGAN 6. The Community Edition of the paper is described here: Huson et al,, (2016), PLoS Computational Biology

Please post questions and bug reports to the community website.

MEGAN6 Community Edition installers:

This is open source.


The following file maps NCBI-nr accessions to taxonomic and functional classes (NCBI, GTDB, EC, eggNOG, InterPro2GO, SEED), unzip before use:

The following file maps genomic DNA accessions to taxonomic classes, unzip before use:

MEGAN6 Ultimate Edition installers (require license key):

MEGAN6 Ultimate Edition is licensed by Computomics GmbH. Apply for a trial license here. The Ultimate Edition comes with the latest KEGG classification and pathway files.


The following mapping file only works with MEGAN Ultimate Edition. It contains KEGG, as well as NCBI, GTDB, eggNOG, InterPro2GO and SEED, unzip before use:

Mapping file for working with the SILVA SSU (and/or LSU) database:
Provide this file to MEGAN as a synonyms mapping file when importing alignments against the Silva database. No need to decompress before use.

Expanded mapping files:

Very large mapping files to be used with special purpose protein databases:

Use DIAMOND+MEGAN with AnnoTree:

Download AnnoTree proteins and an associated MEGAN mapping database:

AnnoTree for MEGAN

Additional files:

Release notes
MeganServer Manual

Old files:

Old mapping files and installers