SplitsTree Community Edition - download page

SplitsTreeCE will replace SplitsTree4 and Dendroscope3. It provides implementations of unrooted and rooted trees, unrooted and rooted networks, tanglegrams, consensus networks and densi-trees, and haplotype networks and phylogenetic outlines.

This is an early beta release of the new SplitsTreeCE program. This means that the code is still under active development, in particular:

Program installers:

To find out what has changed in recent versions, see the release notes.

Genome analysis:

SplitsTreeCE provides a method for quickly determining the phylogenetic context of a prokaryotic draft genome. This requires the use of a database file, which is specified in the in find similar tab of analyze genomes dialog as a reference database file (unzip first).

Auxiliary file:

Use this file to check MD5 checksums for the installers: md5sums.txt.